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I was born and raised in Toronto and currently reside there with my husband and two children. I have studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design University.  I enjoy paintings by expressionist abstract artists.  Their bright and bold colors  are an inspiration in my work.  I paint by intuition and my emotions guide me throughout my work. I reflect on the outside world from within and I explore new paths and bring objects to the surface.  The canvas is my laboratory.  Oil and acrylics are my tools.   I enjoy the fluidity, smoothness and the fast pace of using these mediums.  I let my creativity evolve at each stage of the process, until an image emerges.

Danielle was very collaborative when deciding what I wanted to commission. I gave her the color scheme of my home and pictures of my existing artwork and together we landed upon the most beautiful colored rose. She kept me updated via photos during the project and the finished product is simply beautiful and looks perfect in my entryway.


Loving our new dining room wall art! I see a beautiful mermaid swimming freely towards me…. It reminds me to live peacefully and without worry…And that texture!!! OMG!! Thank you to the incredible Danielle_vishnever_fine_art  for making this special piece for our home. You are so talented and easy to work with. You always checked in and showed us the progressed and asked for our input to make it the best piece for us!



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